Now that I am four weeks into the semester, I have finally settled into working full time again. With this comes some drive to get around to a side project.

For my first project of the year, I am interested in creating a small device based off an ATmega328p that plays wav files off of a MicroSD card. The files will need to be encoded in the following format:

  1. 31.25 kHz sample rate
  2. 8-bit unsigned PCM
  3. Mono

The device will be able to handle 16-bit and/or stereo files, but the audio output is going to be 8-bit and mono, so that's just extra file size for no gain. I'll be creating a software tool to convert from any supported format using ffmpeg.

I'll be breadboarding a prototype, and then sending for PCBs from a cheap board house and getting all the components to make the final device.

Update 1:
The prototype worked pretty well, with surprisingly clean audio without any filtering. I decided to abandon this project in favor of schoolwork.